Thursday, November 22, 2012

Boo..we miss you!

We got Boo in December 2011, he showed up on Andy and Lola's door step skin in bones. Lola took him in and took care of him. They sent us a picture of him with the title "Gage;s Christmas present". I said no way we do not need another dog. Later that week Lola called the pound and they took him. She called us and said if nobody claims him in five days will you please take him. I gave in and in five days, he was ours. He was a great dog. He let Gage drag him around by his tail and he wouldn't even bat an eye, just looked at him funny. He gave us a lot of laughs with how goofy he was. The next July when all the fireworks started he got really nervous. He would shake horribly and couldn't get close enough to ya. Then he started escaping from the yard. It was happening a lot and no matter what we did to keep him in, he would just get out again. I came home for lunch one day and he had tore our blinds apart in the house trying to get out. Dust got home from wotk and said it was time for hom to go. He went to a ranch in Tooele, where there are other Blue Tick Coon Hounds. It was so hard for me to let him go. I worried about him all night and had to call the guy the next day to check on him. He said he was doing great and loved running on the farm. We miss you Boo boy!!

Circus January 2012

He wanted to ride the elephant so bad and he was so brave!


Sunday, April 15, 2012


We were tyring to patiently wait for Gage to get up so we gave the dogs their Christmas bones.
Boo's first Christmas with us.
Finally awake!!
Santa left a note and some goodies.
So many to choose from!

from Nana Pat and Papa Gary
Av sent us this bread making kit...yummy!
Dusty gave me an "I love you" ring...I was shocked;) It is beautiful!!
Dinasour Train...the one thing he kept talking about that he wanted for christmas!
A game and a bunch of stuff from Papa Erwin, Aleta and Shay.
Nana Lolly spoiled him too
Uncle David Aunt Toni gave him a Smurf Village, he was in heaven..he loves the Smurf's
My Dad traded some of his guns for something and I knew that he felt bad about getting rid of them. I told my brother David and he found the guy who had them. He worked out a deal with him and we were able to get the guns back. So that was his Christmas present from us!
We all got spoiled. Avi sent Gage The Lion King DVD also, I don't know why I don't have a pic of that one.


I made Reindeer food for Gage's Daycare and we decided to sprinkle some out on the snow to help Rudolph find his way!

Gage got out his "map" to see where Santa could be!
We made Rolo chocolate cookies and left milk out for Santa!
Then it was time for bed!



Dusty's Aunt Ellen invited everyone to Thanksgiving Point to have breakfast with Santa.
Buddy the Elf
singing Christmas songs
after breakfast we got to walk around and do fun activities
of course he chose Frosty
and last but not least he got to see the big man again!!


Writing his letter to Santa!
He was a wild man that day, and I had to get a picture. Dusty used to run around naked in his boots when he was little, well Gage is doing the same thing and ironically those are Dusty's boots!!